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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Boston Science Museum!

 We were brave and headed into the big train!...with all three kids. 
Then we went to the science museum...on a Sunday during school vacation week.
Yes, we are crazy.

 Posing with T-Rex
 The best part of this picture was trying to get Bruiser (aka Dino Dan) to look at me!
He would turn, say "cheese", and spin back around before the shutter clicked.
He just couldn't take his eyes off the dinosaurs!

 Loved the wall of mirror pictures!
(I see a project in the future!)
 Daddy enjoyed this shot...Tater was standing with one foot in Boston and the other in Cambridge.
 Sassy loved the "archiological dig" site. 
 Couldn't decide which Bruiser liked better...the big bug or the train underneath!
Couldn't keep their attention for this shot...there was just TOO much to look at!
 Tater was getting ready to head into space!
And Bruiser decided to join her!
 This was the picture of the day!
Bruiser was so tired he laid down on the train seat and pushed a grown man out of his way so he could take a nap!

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