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Sunday, December 13, 2009

An Afternoon With Santa!

Today we went to our neighbors' annual "Santa Party." It's a crazy afternoon filled with lots of kids, lots of sweets, a visit from Santa, a bit of wine, and...did I mention, LOTS OF KIDS!!!! Santa arrived and all the kids gathered 'round to share their Christmas wishes and pause for a few pictures.
While Daddy held her, Miss Wiggles watched Santa carefully... not too sure about him...

Bruiser made it into the room but hid behind our legs.

Tater loved it but Miss Wiggles wasn't so sure! And by the time the girls made it off Santa's lap, Bruiser was ready to give him a hug. Of course the camera was off by then! Tater got a very special gift from Santa...a bell off one of his reindeer! She felt so special to get that magical gift! It is now hanging on our tree in a spot of honor!

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