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Tuesday, December 22, 2009


"Mama, Santa has to blow out all the fires in the fireplaces so he doesn't burn his bum-bum!"
"Chameleons are animals that are camouflaged - they can change color so you can't see them. Did you know that, Mama? The Wonder Pets taught me all about it!"
I asked Tater if God lives in her heart and she responded with "No, Mama, Jesus does! Mrs M. (last year's preschool teacher) taught us about digging in our hearts for Jesus."
"Mama, when you wrap presents can I wrap one too for someone really papa!"

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  1. Guess what! You won the Thomas & Friends DVD on my blog! Santa won't have to burn his bum with this one!

    Please email me at mommyneedstherapy @ gmail (dot) com with your mailing address!

    - Kristine