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Friday, December 4, 2009

First Birthday Pictures!!!!


Love this too!
Over Thanksgiving, we met up with Daddy's sister and her family for some updated family pictures. We did the same thing last year...but Miss Wiggles was my belly! So, before their family heads off for mission work in Hawaii in January, we decided updated pictures of all the cousins were in order!

Last year, Uncle Nailbag's sister did the pictures and they were AMAZING! Unfortunately, she was busy this year on the only day we had free, so we went with a friend of Aunt C's. And again...AMAZING!

We did both family pictures and Miss Wiggles' first birthday pictures (also her first real pictures done professionally!). I'll post the family pictures another day...only because I can't wait to post Miss Wiggles! I had tears in my eyes looking at them!!!!! Absolutely, unbelievably AMAZING!!!!! Our amazing photographer caught her personality in each shot.


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