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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Nativity Set Blog Carnival

Today I'm joining JanMary's carnival of Nativities!
This is my Willow Tree set that stays out all year...its too pretty to put away and it gives us a daily reminder of the real meaning in our life!

My grandmother quilted this one and I searched for years for the perfect way to hang it...

This is the children's Fisher Price nativity that they can play with! They love to retell the story of baby Jesus!

Last year we added the stable with the Little Drummer Buy and...

...the sheep. Thank you, Papa and Mimi!

And this is a cute nativity that I made years ago...Tater made the tree in preschool last year and it's a perfect addition!


  1. I love them all :)

    Thanks so much for joining in the carnival.

  2. I just found this nativity carnival and am enjoying reading each post. Having a child-friendly set is wonderful for the children!

    I have an entire blog just on my nativity collection. You are welcome to visit any time:
    Happy New Year!