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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Here Comes Santa!

It's amazing what you can accomplish when you start to feel the pressure...even when you are sick and would rather just curl up in your bed, drink hot tea with honey, and watch some mindless television!

But...that's not in the picture for me!

  • Gifts are bought or made...almost!
  • Gifts are wrapped and about to be labeled with my homemade labels!
  • Gifts are slowly being packed and hidden for the long trip to Papa and Mimi's.
  • Cookie making plans are underway for the weekend.
  • Cards are mailed (weeks ago!).
  • Thank you cards are ready and waiting!

  • There is laundry to do.
  • New family pictures to hang.
  • Goodies to make.
  • Grocery shopping to do.
  • A bit of cleaning to accomplish.
  • A few gifts to finish making.
  • January lesson plans to be written.
  • Holiday outfits to be planned.
  • Two of Tater's Christmas programs to attend.

...and how many hours are in a day?????

On the Blog tomorrow?
  • Tater's school Christmas program!!!

Oh, and the best Christmas gift we have received so far?
  • Bruiser got into the school department preschool and will be starting January 11th! He will get the services he needs and even gets to ride a bus like a big boy! Big steps but he's excited!

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