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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

She Just Might Be Ready For Kindergarten!

Since Tater was born, I have fussed about her being on track developmentally and academically...after all, I teach kindergarten! So when she started preschool last year and didn't know her letters, couldn't write her name, and wouldn't even use scissors...I felt a bit embarrassed. Well, I quickly got over that! Here's the proof that she will be ready for kindergarten in the fall! (Which, by the way, she will attend in the afternoon - and I'll teach in the morning - and she will be with the other kindergarten teacher in the building!)
Tater puts this puzzle together all by herself and knows all the names of the states...after Daddy helping her about one time!

Writing a letter to Papa and Mimi

The letter she wrote and the one Mommy wrote

Another picture of her letter!

Disclaimer: I shamelessly brag about my child in this post...because she is mine and I can do that!

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