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Friday, December 18, 2009

Tater's Preschool Christmas Program

Tater had her preschool Christmas program today...which lasted all of ten minutes! I'm trying to think positive and believe that it was just long enough for the little ones...and not a waste of a half-day for Daddy from work!

They sang several songs, played some instruments, and shared what gift they would give to Baby Jesus. Tater had no fear being front of the crowd, but we do need to work on her lady-like manners! Before the show started she developed an itch under her skirt and tights and kept pulling her skirt up to itch an inappropriate front of the entire audience and on every one's video! Fortunately, she quickly got involved in the songs and forgot about her itch!

She right in the middle in the green sweater.

There she is itching away!

Counting angels during a song!

Tapping the rhythm sticks.

Shaking those bells!

Taking a bow? Who knows!

Miss Wiggles

With the three other girls in her class. Her poor teacher has 11 boys in the class!


Bruiser finding safe spot to be...

With Tater's friend, M.

Miss Wiggles
And Tater's gift to Baby Jesus? A blanket to keep him warm and cozy!
Video to follow...I think I'll need to edit!

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