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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Christmas Dance Recital Videos

Tater had a Holiday recital this afternoon at a local retirement home, or as she calls it..."the place where grandmas and grandpas go when they can stay in their houses anymore". She had a blast with her friends and enjoyed the afternoon away from her siblings!

Thank you, Papa, for loaning us the do you want to buy us one?

If you watch carefully toward the end of this clip, you'll see Tater in the back left corner! This was their ballet number.

This was their jazz number...with jungle bells! Watch for Tater's enthusiasm!

Tater's Special Jazz dance...with only two other little girls!

Entertaining themselves between dance numbers!

The tap when she jumps!

Tater got to go on stage with the little bitties and help them out...she was so excited to be so big!

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