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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Look For a Bit of Humor...

A couple of months ago, I posted about the "good-byes" we had pending at the end of our summer. At the time, I never thought they would get here so quickly! We have spent the last three Sundays saying goodbye to our minister and her family. Not only has she led us spiritually, supported us through the births of all three children, and provided us prayer through all their many health problems, but she (and her family!) has been our friend. We have shared good books, glasses of wine, scrapbooking, parenting trials and tribulations, and our growing and evolving faith. It has always been her that has made me feel better about the crazy things my children do - because hers are equally (if not more!) wild and crazy!

So even though we have another few days of them close by and we already have a "moms' weekend" in Chicago planned for the spring, saying goodbye has been so hard! I have shed enough tears to last me for the year...and there are more to come! We wish them well on their new adventure, which we can't wait to hear about thanks to the wonders of technology! Now, if only they start a blog...

So in light of these good-byes and the ones that are pending, we have been trying to catch little rays of sunshine as they sneak through! Here's a Bruiser moment (and I know you are all anticipating a good laugh!).

This evening Bruiser and G-Baby were playing (aka arguing over toys) on the floor. Bruiser has a bit of an obsession with Taggie blankets. He thinks he owns then all, even the pink princess ones that Tater and G-Baby claim. He grabs a tag and puts his thumb in and settles down wherever he is for a quiet moment. It actually can be really sweet!

Well, tonight, he decided that G-Baby's Taggie book was his and she was not too pleased about it! When I insisted he return it to her, he laughed his evil (but cute), "the devil's in me" laugh and began to run. Usually he runs circles through the entry way, down the hall, into the kitchen, through the dining room and back to the laundry room. Well, tonight he ventured off the typical path and ran into the mud room. When I caught up with him (he's fast!), he was hiding behind the curtains on the door and giggling. All I could see were his little legs and chunky feet poking out the bottom! And then I did what no Mom should do when they are trying to punish a child ... I laughed! I laughed so hard I cried (for about the 100th time today!). But these were good tears! I laughed so hard, Daddy came to see what was happening...and he laughed too! So much for a teachable moment! Now we just have to figure out where he learned that trick...

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