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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Slug Fest 2009! (Warning! Not for those with a weak stomach!)

Oh, yes, you read that correctly!

You see, whenever we visit my in-laws something unusual usually happens. There have been messages written on crackers using "cheese in a can." Unusual African wooden heads have been found hiding in our bedroom. There has been talk of a bent car antenna providing "incredible reception from Germany." Yes...very unusual things!

But thus past visit may top them all. While Daddy and Bruiser were spending their sick time at Pop-Pop and Memaw's, they supposedly ventured outside to hunt and slaughter slugs...with salt! So when I talked to Daddy the following day, he quickly had to go because Bruiser was pouring salt all over the kitchen floor. Wonder where he got that idea?

Several days later, the girls ventured down, under the false assumption that the illnesses had passed. That evening the Martins - Uncle Nailbag, Aunt C, A, and M - stopped by for an evening of fun that turned into - - - Slug Fest 2009!

Oh, yes, the slug hunting continued! For some unknown reason, my in-laws house attracts massive amounts of slugs. And for some even more unknown reason, my husband felt it was his duty to capture said slugs and destroy them. The entire family traipsed around in the dark with one flashlight, hunting slugs. Of course there was much picture taking...we are bloggers!

It was even funnier to hear the screeches and the odd quotes that flew through the air.

After finding one particularly large slug, I heard some one (a man, of course) say, "That one might be pregnant...let's kill it anyway!"

When my father-in-law call for us to come to the side of the house, I heard my sister-in-law scream, "We've hit the motherload!"

And when Daddy was attempting to add more slugs to his already overflowing tub, he was heard to say, "Quick! They're attacking!"

And, as odd as it may seem, it was a fun way to spend a summer evening...if for nothing more than finding material for an unusual blog entry!

For video footage of the great event, check out this link!

Approaching the slugs
Two innocent victims

Daddy - the mastermind!

The slugs

This is the piece of mulch my father-in-law threw at me and told me was a slug.
I was not amused!

The Motherload

Adding the salt


The Hunting Crew!

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