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Thursday, August 13, 2009

What a Wake Up Call! *** Warning: Poop Alert!!! ***

Our mornings have been a bit crazy this week. Daddy's car had to go to the garage to have it's "boo-boo" fix (and it was a big one - transmission!) so we've had to drive him to work for the past two days. Then to add to it, Bruiser had an appointment each of those days - in the morning! Well, if you don't know by now, we are not morning it has been a challenge!

Yesterday, Daddy and I got up and started getting things together before the children were awake. I checked my email, hopped in the shower, got halfway dressed...and then I walked by Bruiser's closed bedroom door. I sniffed...then I sniffed again. I groaned...he must have pooped during the night and boy, did it stink! So I finished getting dressed (big mistake!) and opened his door. The stench that hit me was indescribable! It smelled like a sewer...sorry, but its true!

As I forced myself to walk in the room, I noticed the dirty sheets. Great, the diaper leaked. I grabbed wipes and opened a the best interest of all involved! Through this all, Bruiser sat on his bed, not moving, with his "momas" blanket on his lap. I approached and lifted the blanket. I. Almost. Died! Bruiser was sitting in a pile of poop! I had never seen anything like it! I didn't even know where to begin!

So, smart mommy that I am, I lifted him up by the arms, carried him (dripping!) to the bathroom, and stuck him in the shower...clothes and all...with Daddy! Yes, I did! I let him handle that! Then I stripped the bed, wiped all the surfaces with Lysol wipes, and started my first load of laundry for the day.

So, we spent the day with the windows open wide and the fresh air clearing our sinuses! Bruiser was fine, went to school for the morning, and had nice little nap ... in Tater's clean bed!

Here is the kicker of it bedtime, I went into his room to make his bed and I noticed it still had a lingering odor. I figured it just needed more air until I picked up his pillow to put the pillow cases on it. The mess had leaked through two pillow cases and stained the actual pillow with stench! Bye-bye, pillow! Thank God it was trash night!

P.S. We woke up poop-free this morning!

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  1. ewww!! we had those days before too. what fun.