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Monday, August 24, 2009

All Aboard!!!!

Last week we headed "home" to the grandparents for a week's visit full of local sight-seeing. It started out well with an exciting, although HOT, visit to a local railroad. Bruiser knew we were going on a "mystery trip" but didn't know where! His face when we pulled into the train station was priceless! That day may have been the highlight of his little life! Thank you, Papa and Mimi!

Arriving at the station

We had tickets aboard the 1:00!

Checking out the tracks

In the caboose

Again, in the caboose

Posing with Uncle J

Tater boarding with Papa and Mimi

Mimi holding onto Bruiser...tightly!

Mommy's favorite picture of her little engineer!

Watching out the window

"Chugga, chugga, choo-choo!"

Uncle J

Miss Wiggles, Auntie M, and Uncle C
In spite of the heat, we all enjoyed watching Bruiser enjoy his adventure!
As I mentioned earlier, the vacation started out great, but quickly down hill! By early Monday morning, both Daddy and Bruiser had caught a stomach bug and Mommy left them at Memaw and Pop-Pop's and headed for germ-free ground at Mimi and Papa's. So the boys spent the vacation sick and the family spent the week split apart.
Daddy has finally (after almost a week) made a full recovery, but Bruiser is still not bouncing back. We headed to the doctor today, who order blood and lab cultures. We will re-check his weight tomorrow and hope it has stabilized and we don't have to head to the ER for fluids. Say a little prayer for us!

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