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Monday, August 31, 2009

A Beauty Queen in the Making!

We have been allowing Bruiser and Tater to sleep in the same room for the past week. Partly because we needed to move Miss Wiggles out of our room and into her own room - and since she still wants a middle of the night snack, she was waking up her roommate (aka Tater!). So the easy solution was to put Tater in Bruiser's loft while he remained in his race car bed. All good in theory!

So the routine is that Bruiser goes down first and then Tater follows after he is asleep. Well, tonight he decided to still be awake at her bedtime. So they were both awake in the room. At about 9:30 I heard a door open, the pitter-patter of little feet, and a bit of chattering. Then I found Bruiser sitting at the top of the steps and Tater standing behind him. I decided I was not handling this myself and sent Bruiser to find Daddy in the "man room." As I sent him off, I turned to sent Tater back to bed.

Me: "Tater, go get back in bed and go to sleep."
Tater: "I was trying to get my beauty sleep and Bruiser was keeping me up!"

I guess your never too young for "beauty sleep"!

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