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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Let's Try This Again...

After Bruiser's initial train ride, we had plans to ride another train with Pop-Pop and tour the train museum the very next day. Well due to the never-ending mysterious illness, those plans got "de-railed." So, later in the week, when we thought everyone was feeling better, we headed to to our second train trip of the vacation. It was hot and there were moments where we questioned why we were doing it...but it was fun!

Seeing if we fit in with the Amish...see my reflection under Bruiser's head...weird!

Love Bruiser's excited smile!

Watching them switch the engine

Going for a ride on the little train

Isn't it cute?
While we were visiting, we walked by a shed with its doors open. There were several train cars parked in front of it, blocking the doorway. As we passed it, Daddy caught a glimpse of blue. Yes, that's right, "Momas"! The station has a Thomas event scheduled for September, so they were house the engine in preparation. Daddy thought Bruiser would be absolutely thrilled if we snuck back in and took a we did...and then we left with a traumatized little boy! Seems Thomas needed a bit of repair and they had removed his face! All we have heard since is "They fix Momas? They fix Momas?" Just another reason why we are not in the running for "Parents of the Year"!
P.S. After the day of reprieve, both Daddy and Bruiser were sick again! We were not meant to go on vacation!

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