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Friday, August 7, 2009 always!...has been crazy around here! We got back from visiting Papa and Mimi, sent them and Tater home from their week with us, Bruiser got a fever, and I headed off on a mom-cation to sunny (and HOT) Florida! Nothing stops around here!

All seemed to be going well as I prepared to leave Daddy, Bruiser, and G-Baby and trek off to Florida for a few days of kid-free relaxation. But who was I kidding? That's not how things work in The House of Sprout! We woke Sunday morning to Bruiser with a temperature of 102. Daddy opted to stay home from church and let me go. It was our minister's almost-last Sunday and the celebration of her family's commitment to our ministry. So G-Baby and I headed off for a tear-soaked service and skipped the picnic celebration to come home and check on Bruiser.

By 4pm, his temp reached 104. Motrin, a luke-warm bath, and Popsicles helped a bit, but I began to worry if I should even be leaving. Daddy reassured me that he could handle it and I reluctantly packed my bags and headed off early the next morning after a short night of sleep. Daddy woke to Bruiser still sporting a high temp and quickly made an appointment with the pediatrician. Diagnosis? It was a virus with a high fever that lasts for five days and is still contagious for 24 hours after the fever ends. Poor Bruiser and poor Daddy.

Oh, and it gets worse! But Tuesday, G-Baby had the fever! And where was Mommy? A 4-hour plane ride away! I did feel terrible - no Mommy wants to be away from her sick little ones! But Daddy did great! The kids were medicated, entertained, and fed. He even spent most of one night up with G-Baby - something he hasn't done since Tater was an infant!

I arrived home to two almost-healthy children, a tired Daddy, and an amazingly straightened-up house. Hmmm...maybe I should go away more often!

So, as I return to bloggy world, here are a few shots of G-Baby to bring smiles to your faces! Enjoy as I venture into attempting to bring normalcy back to our house...just in time to head to Mimi and Papa's again next week!

G-Baby snacking and sporting her first hair bow!
Legs propped up!

Can't even stand that smile!


  1. I can't even stand that little foot! I love that little foot so much.

  2. Wow...what a week for the Sprouts! Hope that everyone is feeling much better now and that Mommy had a great, relaxing momcation...

    Love that smile....she's a precious!

  3. what a fun summer you are having. I hope we can get together next time you are home (at your parents that is).