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Friday, July 31, 2009

We All Scream For Ice the Farm!

While we were "back home" for the week, we spent a day with Aunt C, Cousin A and Cousin M. Uncle Nailbag joined us after work. We spent the morning helping host a yard sale. I guess every summer, their whole town joins together and has two days of yard sales - awesome idea! Aunt C sold a bit but the cousins had a blast selling lemonade. Tater was a great sales woman, calling out, "Lemonade! 50 cents!"

Around lunch , we closed up shop by leaving the yard sale open on the honor system - and believe it or not, Aunt C actually made $1.50 that way! We headed to a local pool to splash and cool off (pics to follow!)

We wrapped up the day with a trip to our favorite ice cream/ dairy a thunderstorm! The storm hit just as we were about to leave the house and get in the cars - Uncle Nailbag promised it was going to blow over, swearing up and down that the storms always hit on the other side of the Welsh Mountains. Well, he was a bit wrong this time! We drove into the dairy to see another family sitting on the covered porch and staring at us as if to say"See we aren't the only crazy ones!"

We enjoyed some delicious ice cream. Aunt C wrote about it here! Then, as the rain stopped, we headed down to see the animals.

A calf born that morning!

Tater petting a 10-day old pony!

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