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Friday, July 24, 2009

A Week With the Family!

We have had a crazy-busy week at Mimi and Papa's - hence the reason for no posts! We head home Sunday but are taking Mimi and Papa with us, so I might be a bit slack on blogging still...but I do plan to upload some pics to catch you all up!

We arrived on Sunday after crazy Mommy flew with all three children by herself. Daddy took us to the gate and Papa met us on the other end - a real life-saver! All three did great on the flight. Tater watched a video, Bruiser played cars and G-Baby just observed. The only problem we had was when Bruiser had to put up the tray for landing and he wasn't done playing - we had a bit of screaming. He also worried every time the plane would dip a bit "We fall, Momma?"

We also struggled a bit getting off the plane. I never received as many dirty looks as I did flying with three children - but we fooled them all! My kids were better behaved than the grown-ups! One woman actually tried to put her carry-on out in the aisle between Tater and me as we were unboarding. What did she think? Was I really going to let her get off before me, and in between Tater and me? Not so much! Crazy people!

So we visited with aunts and uncles on Sunday, went to the playground on Monday (Note to self: A playground with no other children means "no fun" to Tater!), played at Mimi's school on Tuesday, stayed home on Wednesday, went to Target and visited Nana and Pap on Thursday, and spent the day with Aunt C and cousins on Friday (pool, ice cream, yard sales, and Pop-Pop!). Tomorrow we are off to meet Uncle J's new kitten, Griffin. Pics to follow soon!

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