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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Hiking the Trail...Sort Of!

Tater has been asking Daddy to take her on a hike since last summer - more like begging him! So, Sunday we headed to a local state park to check out the trails and see what we could explore. Admission to the park is free and it was a nice weekend (finally!), so it was a bit crowded - not a good place for three busy toddlers! Then we couldn't find any trails...maybe there weren't any! So we walked through the picnic areas and explored the lake a bit. There were enough trees and rocks for Tater and Bruiser to think they were hiking! So it all worked out!

Gotta love the glasses!

Daddy and the kids

Daddy and Bruiser


Tater Tot!

Walking the path - see how far ahead Bruiser was?

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