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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Tater has been taking swim lessons at the high school pool ... for free! Can't beat that! But have had a bit of a problem...

I had originally signed her up for a 10 am class - great! Then Bruiser was invited to join a class through his early intervention - right at the time of Tater's lessons. So I called the rec center to see if I could change her swim lesson. Oh, yes, they said, no problem! So now we go at ... 8AM!!! The water is cold in the pool at anytime but can you imagine 8am? So I bribed her! "Go in the pool and I'll take your picture for the blog." (And it worked!) I also offered up Munchkins - magic!

So here are the bribery pictures! Enjoy!

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  1. There may be a reason why the pool gets warmer as the day goes on. On another note, back when I was a boy we took swimming lessons very early in the morning in an outdoor pool that was spring-fed. We got in after they pushed the ice to the sides.