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Monday, July 6, 2009

Re-Cap of the Fourth!

We spent the 4th at our friend's mother's house - which is a block from the beach! This is the second year we made this trek and we hope it becomes tradition! We go early in the morning and spend the day at the beach, enjoying the sun, breezes, rocks, and patches of sand (you'll understand when you see the pictures!). Then we head back to the house for a picnic with our friend's family. The kids run around like crazy, the adults relax, and a good time is had by all!

This was G-Baby's first visit to the beach ... and she loved it! She lounged in her stroller the entire afternoon and just watched the waves - not a single fuss! Bruiser played his standard role of "seagull" hovering over anyone who had food, waiting for scraps to drop! He had a blast splashing in two little puddles Daddy made for him. And Tater enjoyed jumping the waves and splashing with her adopted pet-for-a-day, Oakley!

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