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Friday, July 3, 2009

Big Boy, "Special" Boy!

Bruiser has been getting speech services through Early Intervention, which services children ages birth through three years, for almost a year now. They come to the house, play with him, and try to help him learn how to articulate the words he needs to communicate. This past week they started him on a listening therapy program. He has to wear these huge head phones and a fanny pack with a CD player twice a day for a half hour. The music is not digitally corrected, so the imperfections are supposed to help train his brain to listen more carefully. So far he seems to be okay with it - as long as we go for a walk while he is doing it! Yes, that's right, we take him out in public while he has the head phones on! We get a lot of looks, but what can you do!

The other part of Bruiser's week was that he got to start "school." He was asked to join a group though Early Intervention that focuses on helping children learn to follow routine in a classroom-setting without Mommy or Daddy there. And he loved it! He felt like such a big boy, so big he didn't even want his picture taken! They do lots of different activities with them, including circle time, art projects and snack. And while they are working, the parents are glued to a two-way window watching their children's every move! When we came home, I asked Bruiser what he did at school. He said "I play fars (cars). I eat food, ally-all (all gone). I eat fast!" And that was the extent of his day!

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