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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

What I Learned This Week

I am finally re-joining Jo-Lynne at Musing of a Housewife for What I Learned This Week! It's amazing how easily you can get off track...especially in the summer!
1. I learned that I can survive with three children for an entire week without Daddy - and actually enjoy it!
2. I learned that five days of full-day VBS is too much for a child with a fragile immune system. Tater is in a full relapse with her kidney disease and we are saying crazy prayers that she is better by Sunday (when I fly alone with the three children to Papa and Mimi's).
3. I learned that when you call the airline in a panic and ask if Daddy can get a gate pass because you are traveling alone with three children 4 and under, the airline is just as panic as you! It's amazing how easily we got the gate pass - I should have done this sooner!
4. I learned that Bruiser can be excited to see his school and then refuse to get out of the car.
5. I learned there is nothing better than hearing Tater say her own prayer at dinner because she learned how to talk to God at VBS!
"Dear God, You are great. Thank you for this food. Thank you for helping Daddy make the food. That's it!"
6. I learned that I love the freedom of Daddy being back so I can run errands and go for walks without kids!
7. I learned that the kids really can entertain themselves for a bit while I read.
8. I learned that G-Baby is growing up way to fast - she loves to be on the ground and moving (not real crawling yet!) all around.
9. I so use this blog for bribery - "If you do swim lessons, I'll take picture and put it on the blog!"
10. I remembered that I LOVE SUMMER VACATION!

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  1. I hope Tater will be better soon! That sounds kind of scary...