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Friday, July 24, 2009

When It Rains, It Pours!

We are on vacation at the grandparents' houses. And, yes, that is plural! Daddy and Bruiser are at Pop-Pop and Memaws while I'm at Mimi and Papa's with Tater and Miss Wiggles.

We arrived on Saturday with a schedule of who's house we planned to be at and when. It all started out great. We spent Saturday night with Mimi and Papa. Sunday the entire family gathered and we enjoyed Bruiser's first train ride (pictures and stories to follow!). We visited with a high school friend of mine and her family. After a late picnic, we headed to Pop-Pop and Memaw's for the night.

We went to bed a bit late with visions of the train museum and another train ride fresh on our minds. Miss Wiggles woke up around 3:30 (yes, AM!) for a bottle *sigh* and then, just as I drifted off to sleep again, Bruiser woke up screaming and then began to vomit *yuck*!

Needless to say, we didn't make it to the train museum and we didn't make it back to bed. In fact, by 6:00 (again, AM), Daddy wasn't feeling well either. I ended up packing both girls up and heading back to my parents' house, hoping to avoid the germs.

That was Monday. Bruiser seems to finally be on the mend and Daddy is even starting to feel better after a rough day and night. Whatever that bug was, it was a nasty one.

And that has been our vacation. Definitely not the ideal vacation but it should improve...we hope! Plans for trains on Thursday and an old-fashioned amusement park on Friday are in the works...say prayer that everyone stays healthy!

Oh, and to top it all off, Tater had a major allergic reaction to Uncle J's cat this evening, with a swollen face, itchy eyes, and stuffy nose...CVS to the rescue! But it gets better...I threw my back out this afternoon and forgot my muscle relaxers back home!

Really, could anything else go wrong? They say bad things come in 3s, right? Stomach bug, allergies, and bad back...we should be all set!

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