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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Wordless Wednesday Follow-Up

So, we decided to post this pic for Aunt C! I was at work on Monday morning and came home to Daddy feeding the kids grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. On the island was the butter dish looking just like the picture. The first thing Tater said to me was "Momma, you know butter melts?" So I was able to deduce what had happened to the butter (a little too long in the microwave, perhaps?) but I couldn't help laughing. It became a common complaint in my husband's family that his sister (Aunt C), would shave the butter off the top of the stick at family meals to butter her bread or roll or biscuit (doesn't matter what the bread product was - that family LOVES bread!). So, when I looked at our butter, I was utterly confused - how could Aunt C have done that all the way from her home over 300 miles away? Daddy and I had a good laugh!

{P.S. I hope this makes sense - I am currently covered in hives (for some unknown reason!) and just took a prescription antihistamine that is making my mind a bit loony - I'm heading to bed to sleep off the itchies!}

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