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Monday, March 30, 2009

Normalcy Returns (from Mexico!)

This past week we muddled through without our beloved babysitter, D. She had the opportunity to travel to Mexico on a free, all-expense-paid, much-deserved vacation - how could we say "no"? So, we had a few days of juggling sitters (between Daddy and our amazing neighbors - Mommy has no sick days left!) and many days of being out of routine. Mommy was slightly out of her mind by the time D arrived Friday morning.

As of today, the kids were back to their normal routine (except for Bruiser Boy who decided to act like a true two-year-old - terrible!). Mommy feels calmer and the house is slowly returning to normal operation!

Welcome home, D!
(P.S. We've decided you are not allowed to move back to Texas! We'll miss you too much!)

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