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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Really Stupid Virus (aka RSV)

Last week G Baby started with a horrible sounding cough. Saturday we went to the doctor and were told it was just a cold but could develop into RSV, a respiratory virus that is extremely dangerous in infants under one year because their lungs aren't fully developed. So Tuesday we went back to the doctor for her 4 month well-baby check-up. Little did we know that before we left the doctor would detect a wheeze in her lungs, discover her oxygen/blood level was low, start breathing treatments, and have a swab done for an RSV culture. We left the doctor with orders to continue the breathing treatments every 4 hours, continuously run a humidifier, wait for the culture results, and watch G Baby for signs of respiratory distress. How much sleep do you think we got?

Well, because I used all my sick days for my maternity leave, I went to work this morning fully expecting the doctor to leave the culture results on my answering machine and that I would hear them when I got home. Luckily we have a great sitter that I completely trusted with my sick little one - I knew everyone would be fine! So I got home from work and there was no message. My blood started to boil...I called the doctor's office...I spent a total of ten minutes on blood boiled some more. Come to find out that the lab ran a flu test, not the ordered RSV test and the results were not available and may not be available for several days - AHHHHHH! So we went back to the doctor this afternoon for a follow-up, just to be safe. And get this - her lungs sounded better but she developed an ear infection! Go figure!

Long story short, we got the culture results this evening and she is RSV-free. Yea! We are treating the ear infection, continuing with the treatments until the cough goes away, and trying to limit her exposure to evil germs and stupid viruses - we've had enough scares!

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