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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Blogger's Block

I don't know if it is the nice, spring-like weather or the fogginess that the time change has left in my brain or just blog burnout - but I can't remember any of the cute things my children have done to share! Oh, they have been cute - challenging but cute! And they have done things that both Daddy and I have said "Oh, I see a blog entry in the making!" But, as I sit here typing, I can't think of a single tale to tell - blogger's block!

So, in place of a story, I'll give you a list of the many things we did over this beautiful weekend of spring-like weather:
Tumble Tots (M &TT)
Library (M&TT)
Dry Cleaners (M&TT)
Target (M&TT)
bike riding and buble blowing (D,M,TT,BB,GB)
Skyping with Papa and Mimi and Nana and Pap (D,M,TT,BB,GB)
movie watching (M, D, TT)
church (D & TT)
Sunday School (TT)
Home Depot (D&TT)
playing in the neighbors' backyard (M, BB, GB)
playing in our backyard (D,M,TT,BB,GB)
hanging laundry out to dry (M)
adding and replacing outlets (D)
order photo prints (M)
school work (M)
reading library books and bible stories (D,M,TT,BB,GB)
cleaning (M)
laundry (M)

Now, I know I missed things but I think you get the idea!

On another note ... sixty degrees today and snow tomorrow...welcome to our crazy weather!

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