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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Earning His Keep!

Bruiser earns his keep! He loves to help with laundry and cleaning - I'm training him well! He will make a great husband someday!
The other morning I got him up and was carrying him down the stairs. Our laundry basket is at the top the stairs (until I get bored and move it again!) and he looked at it as we were walking down the stairs.
Bruiser: "It's the wash."
Mommy: "Yes, it is.
Bruiser: "It's a mess!"
Mommy: "Yes, it is! Great words!"
We are still trying to determine what his services are worth - we'll let you know how much we will loan him out for! (And as I'm writing this, he is screaming and crying next to me - so he might be a bargain today!)

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