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Monday, January 9, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up - The Snow Edition!

There was a bit of a storm on Friday, leaving us with some fluffy white inches.  Bubba stomped through the fluff with his boots and then attempted a snow angel in his coat and jeans and no gloves...and you can imagine how that went!

I had a MOPS leadership meeting Friday morning and then we had our chimney cleaned and repaired in the afternoon - home ownership is not cheap or fun!  And then in the middle of that all, the tween child got sick at school...poor baby!  By Saturday we were on day 3 of a severe headache, high fever in the evening...but luckily only that one episode of tummy sick!  Some crazy virus and we put her on lock-down for the weekend!

Saturday we woke up to some white stuff and the promise of a bunch more before the day was over!  Bruiser was excited to check out the 'now!

I snuggled on the couch with these two for a bit and sent the Husband off to get a few groceries (and battle the crowds!) and Pull-ups.  He came home without the Pull-ups and had to head out! But it coincided with lunch time and earned us some burritos for the win!

Snowy days always lend themselves to binge watching and snacking...and I pulled out an old favorite!  LOVE this show!  (And I may have ordered the next 3 seasons so I own the whole set!)

We pulled out some forgotten toys, like this marble track maze.  And of course we play with it while sitting on the table, wearing plaid pants, and topless - or at least Bubba does :)

We made some chocolate fondue for a fun snow day treat!

And played out in the night!

I ordered this toothpaste dispenser and toothbrush holder on Amazon when it was a "deal of the day" offer.  Little did I know that my kids knew about it and had wanted it (thank you, tv commercials!)...I had 4 very excited children when it was!

Luckily by Sunday, Tater was feeling better.  She emerged from her room to play with her siblings.  I brought out play dough recently after hiding it for a few years...and the need to sweep my kitchen floor when they are done is totally worth the hours of peace it has given us this winter so far!  Now if we can only keep Bubba from tracking it all over the house!

We spent some time cleaning and prepping for the week.  I'll share in a post later but we have a clothing and lunch routine that seems to be working for us...and it only took me a year and a half to figure it out as a stay-at-home mom!  Lol!

After we got ready for the week, the girls asked to try Jamberry wraps on their nails (with a black tea soak to help them adhere better and longer!) and Bubba had to join in for one panda on his finger :)

I'm also wearing Jamberry's and I love them :).  I've mastered my application and they are lasting me about 2 weeks and my nails have never been healthier or stronger.  And not only that...they are so much fun!!!

We rounded out the week with some more snow play, early dinner for the kiddos, Awana, and date night dinner for the Husband and me with our friends.

As I sit here recapping the weekend, I find such peace as we start our week reflecting on this amazing Christmas gift from my Dad this year.  It's so meaningful I plan to keep it up all year :)

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