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Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Favorites 2017 - Edition #1

I'm excited to be joining in on Friday Favorites!  I love that I get to share things I love and have one less day to stress over blog!  

1.  Foam Roller
My back started hurting about 5 years ago...actually, more my neck and left shoulder.  And in typical mommy style, I let it go...and go...and go...and go.  Now that I have 2 mornings to myself (with everyone in some kind of school!), I started physical therapy and I have a looooooong way to go!  But this foam game changer!  Love it for my whole back...and my abs!  In fact, I came home and ordered one from my friend, Amazon Prime, immediately!

2.  Cedar Cove
A great wholesome Hallmark show on Netflix...3 seasons to binge :)

3.  Back to School
January 3rd was a happy day for me!  I was thrilled to send all 4 littles off to school after a long holiday break!  We are back to a normal and predictable routine!

4.  Swim Lessons

The littlest one (and he looks so little here!) started swim lessons Wednesday.  He spent many seasons of lessons sitting in his stroller, eating cheerios and watching his older siblings swim...and now it was finally his turn!  The little girl sitting next to him is his pediatrician's daughter...perks of living in a small state :).  His class has 3 kids and he's the youngest and the only one who didn't need the teacher's help to swim across the pool (with a bubble and a noodle!).

5.  Vacation Planning...
This is what gets me through the winter...planning for warmer days to escape to the sea!

We are planning a camping trip with friends to Maine in the summer.  4 nights in a tent????  I'm a bit concerned but you only live once, right?  And there's always wine...and coffee...and wine...

And then in the fall we are planning an escape to our favorite beach in the world (or in driving distance!).  We plan for the fall because rental prices drop and we can get a house right on the beach.  It's also the most amazing time to be down the shore.  I was always that teacher who found it irritating to have children miss class for I never hesitate to pull my kids and give them real-life learning :)

Wow!  5 posts in a row!  It's so good for my soul to write and share :)

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