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Monday, January 2, 2017

A New Year and Christmas Recap

I've really fallen behind on this little old blog.  I love reading other's blogs and it often hits home that if those people didn't write, I'd have nothing to read, so it has inspired me to get back to writing about our life and adventures!

And what better place to start than with a little (or long!) holiday recap!

Our elf, Pogo, returned the day after Thanksgiving, as per the usual :).  Somehow he always finds us no matter where we are visiting relatives.  This year we were at Papa's and he left a belated (as in middle of the day) breakfast treat.

Then he appeared back at our house with his magical door, which is his portal to the North Pole and the big guy.

He (and his side-kick, Rudolf) had some fun with toys (and really irritated Bubba!)

He brought us a tree to decorate...and redecorate as often as we wanted!

And left us a sweet treasure hunt!

Bruiser Boy and I spent yet another night at the local children's hospital for his severe asthma.  All his latest outbreaks have led us to search for more answers...and to discover more issues.  But I'll save that for a post all its own :).

Meanwhile, Pogo got himself trapped.

I drove the middle schooler to school in Santa PJ pants...and luckily for her, I didn't have to get out of the car!

Bubba had his Christmas program at school and was a shy little shepherd, who was positioned right next to the teacher...I wonder why????  Lol!

And love this sweet little gift from my sweet little guy!

More elf shenanigans!

Christmas nails!

Hot cocoa, pjs, and Christmas lights!

Excited to open presents!

Christmas Eve gifts from their Auntie and Uncle...

Sweet little brother hugs...

Christmas Eve!

Playing in the Cry Room at church...very happy he made it through 1/2 the service before we had to escape!

Santa came!

Christmas morning at the top of the stairs!

Lightening McQueen Geo-Trac (consignment score!)

Celebrating Jesus' birthday!


Coffee break to recover on the day after...the struggle was real, folks!

Shrek Super Party...introduced the kids to the best video game ever :)

Christmas #2 with Papa!

Clearly, my sister knows me well!

A gift from it!

And we rounded it all out with a low-key New Year's celebration.  The kids were in bed by 10, the in-laws by 11:30 and Mommy and Daddy shortly later :)

Now we are happily in a new year.  We spent some time swimming at the Y on New Year's Day, lots of time snuggling on the couch, and headed to bed nice and early.  Today will involve taking the tree down, preparing for the school week, groceries being delivered (hallelujah!), and making myself work's a big must!  

Stay tuned for daily life updates, New Year's resolutions, our life verses, and our word for the year :)

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