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Monday, January 9, 2017

And Just Like That He Turns Double Digits...

...and without my permission, I may add!

He was our biggest baby and so snuggly from the start :)

A baby with pudge?  We loved his squishiness!  And that sweet little head wasn't so little...100%ile on the growth chart for!  

Bruiser has taught us how to love unconditionally, to latch on and desire to learn all about a favorite area of interest (I can attest that we know more than we ever thought about Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Jurassic Park, Harry Potter, and the list goes on...), how to think deeply and see things others miss, and how to love life fully!

He lives for quality time, puzzles and legos that challenge him, snuggles with Mommy, and new book series that he can devour.  He's a concerned and cautious big brother and thoughtful son even when he's not feeling his best.  He's had a rough year with lots of medical concerns that we are still trying to weed our way through but he questions very little and finds the adventure in each new challenge.  He may have his days and moments where he pushes every button and makes our world crazy...but he can turn it around with just a little smile or a sweet comment.

I'm really not sure where time has gone and what happened to my sweet snuggly Mama's boy...but I'm clinging to the moments he tells me he is never leaving me and will live with me forever :) least most days!  I take great peace in the fact we are raising him to be a loving and caring little boy who will go far in this world in spite of any challenges and hurdles he has to overcome!

Happy Double Digits, Bruiser Boy!

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