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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Every year I try to pick one word.  
One word that sums up my attitude for the year.  
My hope.  My vision.  


This year I picked the word "enough".  
I need this as a reminder as how approach this year going forward.  
We have enough.  We do enough.  We give enough.  We love enough.  

I have struggled with wondering if we are enough - in all we do and give.  I always go above and beyond the expected until I find myself worn down and burnt out.  This year I need to accept that what I do and what I give are enough.  I need to ignore my own guilt over what others think and want...because in most cases I create those demands!  I can give what I am able and allow the people in my life to take it as they need it.

We always want more - more stuff, more toys, more money, more time.  We need to live in the now and with what we have.  One of my favorite country songs says "I've never seen a hearse with a trailer hitch" - and it's so true.  We can't take it with us and the memories we leave behind are so much more valuable.  Losing my mother a year ago made this so real to me - it's not the stuff she left behind that I turn to but the memories she created.  Memories are what I want to leave my children.  We have enough stuff - but there is never enough time together or enough memories shared.

I am amazed at how this word fits into my goals I posted yesterday - enough bad food, more time together, enough stuff that needs to be purged.

So enough reflecting - time to move forward with my day and making memories!

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