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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

New Year's Goals

Every year I make a list of resolutions and it lasts about 2!

So this year I'm going with 17 "goals" that I want to achieve...

1. Read the Bible daily
(I struggle to fit this in my day...and it's only my own fault!  
I need to make it a priority and not a chore!)

2.  Go to physical therapy to fix my neck pain once and for all
(Started today and I have a way to go but I'm happy I started!)

3.  Work out every day
(hahahaha...but I do need to!)

4.  Eat more fruit and veggies

5.  Meal plan every week to avoid eating out
(We can save so much money as a family of 6 by doing this...and it's so much better for us.  I need to work on making sure I buy enough food which is challenging because some meals my kids devour and others they refuse to touch...and it's never consistent!)

6.  Drink more water

7.  Go to church at least 2X a month

8.  Save, save, save
(We have big life plans and we are wasting my husband's hard-earned money :).  I just need to be better about those impulse buys...Amazon Prime and Target are evil!)

9.  Read 50 books
(This is about double from this year and I really think it's doable.  As a child and teenager I raced through books, reading one or more a day.  Now TV, blogs, children, and life seem to get in the way.  BUT that can change!)

10.  Lose 20 pounds
(I'd love to say more but I'm trying to make this attainable!  We have plans for a camping vacation and a beach vacation so I'd like to fit better in my clothes.  This is all me...I love my husband for not caring...because I just need to feel better about myself.)

11.  Make year books for the kids and continue making their art books.
(I started the art books last year and now I just need to design them.  I want to make photo memory books but I'm not sure how I want them to exactly look.  We are too far past making one for each kid for each year - so maybe family year books and working backwards?)

12.  Spend more time one-on-one with each child
(This is a challenge...there are 4 of them...and they can be tough at times...but the years are going by so quickly I want to treasure the time we have together.)

13.  Focus more on doing than being on devises...oh, that's tough!

14.  Blog 5 days a week!!!!
(2 days and running!)

15.  Use a cleaning schedule with the kids
(I made cleaning cards for each main area of the house and we used them over the holiday.  They were amazing!  The kids did their best, didn't complain because there were no hidden tasks, and my job was so much less!)

16.  50 Bags in 50 Days for Lent
(I've done this is the past but skipped last year.  It's a great way to purge and streamline.)

17.  Make ME a priority
(I put everyone else before myself and I need to stop health is suffering and my mental well-being is being challenged.  So this year I plan to take more breaks for myself and see it benefit everyone around me!)

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