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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Summer...Already? Really?

So it's only the end of May and its already in the 90s...too hot, too soon! Our house was unbearable this afternoon so I filled the pool and we headed outside to cool off with a bit of splashing.
Bruiser was checking out the new pool from Papa and Mimi...and he approved!

Wiggles was a bit curious, too.

Bruiser helped fill the pool while Wiggles showed him where to put the water...because she knows oh so much!

It was chilly in the water but the hot weather was worse...they didn't hesitate to crawl in!

See Wiggles' arm and back?
She was outside with Daddy last night and the mosquitoes found her to be very sweet...they couldn't stop sampling her!

If you noticed, Wiggles started out with a bathing suit, then she dirty her swim diaper (5 minutes after I put it on...guess she didn't know they are the more expensive diapers!) and refused to put her suit back on.
And obviously she is having diaper issues here...

...and maybe this is part of the reason!
What IS she doing?!?!

After all the splashing, the kids ate a great dinner and we took them for ice cream...but brought it home to eat so we could avoid the mosquitoes!
And this is where Miss Wiggles decided she was going to sit to eat her ice least until Daddy took her down and she threw a royal temper fit. I mean, kicking and screaming and laying on her belly on the floor. It may have challenged her Auntie M's temper one messes with a girl's ice cream!

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  1. The rump shots are Adorable! How is she handling the nibles on her body...I can't imagine???