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Thursday, May 6, 2010


More than anything, I love being a mommy! I love the cuddles, the loves, the sloppy kisses, the dirty little hands...and yes, even the yelling and dirty looks! It's a complete package! One of the things I didn't anticipate was having to say things that should never come out of one's mouth. Here are few examples from the past week:

Me to Bruiser: "Take the car out of the grapes!"

Me to Tater: "Stop licking the ice block!"

Me to Tater: "If you ask me for lunch one more time, you aren't getting lunch!" (okay, that was a moment of insanity...I did feed her lunch!)

Me to Tater: "Why is Wiggles crying? No, Bruiser is not pulling Wiggles' hair. Because he is standing right next to me!"

Me to Bruiser: "Swallow! What IS that coming out of your mouth?"

Can you tell its been a long week? We're holding out for a fabulously relaxing day on Sunday! After being away last weekend, my work being insane this week (union issues...still!), and dance recital stuff Friday and Saturday...we have earned a day to rest and build a vegetable garden (you didn't think we'd actually do nothing, did you?).

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  1. these are the moments you never want to forget and I hope you get your fabulous Sunday!