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Sunday, May 2, 2010

The House fo Sprout: On The Road!

A few months ago, Daddy and I decided it was time to start traveling with the children...other than to the grandparents' houses! We were shocked to realize that Bruiser had never stayed in a hotel and that we had never gone away together as a family...with no other help!

So this past weekend we loaded up the car and headed to an indoor water park in New Hampshire. The kids knew we were going on vacation but they had no idea where...we told them we were going on a "mystery trip"! And were they ever surprised when we arrived! Here's our weekend in pictures and captions!

We loaded up and were ready to head out...just waiting for usual!

Bruiser locked on to the DVD player...we LOVE, LOVE, LOVE out DVD player!

We let our GPS guide us and there were no wrong turns this trip!

Daddy did all the driving...while I got to play "cruise director"!

The hotel room was great...plenty of run and nicely decorated.

The weather was so nice that we ate dinner outside at The Muddy Moose...

...with a view of the mountains!

This was a rare moment where Bruiser sat in his chair...we need to work on that skill!

Miss Wiggles was a bit cranky and very tired by this point...but she still had a sweet smile for Mama!
Right before this, she grabbed my hot curling iron back at the hotel and screamed for about 30 minutes. We ended up finding her an acceptable pain killer (after the recall that just came out!) and she settled a bit. She has a nice red hand and some HUGE blisters...but her mood is much better!

Here are the snow-covered mountains visible from our hotel parking lot.

The water park was fabulous!
Only guests of the hotel could use it and the hours were amazing. We were there from about noon to three in the afternoon and then again after dinner from 7:30 to 9:00 pm. Then this morning we were able to go from 8:30 to 10:00am. All three kids loved it...Tater probably the most! She loved the big tube slides that she could go on with Mama and Daddy. Bruiser was happy to splash and Miss Wiggles just wanted to sit on my lap in the wave pool and the kiddie pool. During our visit this morning, Tater feel and cut her leg pretty good...but the staff was amazing and she was bandaged with water-proof stuff before you knew it and back playing away! We can't wait to go back!

Slides in the kiddie pool.


Bruiser sporting his vest!

They were so worn out from all the splashing and swimming that they fell asleep immediately!

Miss Wiggles was all snuggled in...after she took off her PJ pants!

Mount Washington


See how cooperative the kids were?

Today, Daddy wanted to hike.
This was a 0.6 mile hike to a beautiful waterfall...filled with a LOT of whining!
My kids are NOT hikers!
Don't you love the hat!?!

Wiggles did the best...because I carried her!
And Bruiser would only walk with me...holding my hand (too cute!).
He was mad at Daddy for some reason today!

Tater's line of the day?
"But my feet hurt!"
(said with a loud whine!)

We had lunch at the top of the waterfall.
Look at that big girl sitting at the picnic table!

She was the queen of independence and adventure!
There was no stopping her from exploring!

My girls!
(See Tater's hand on Wiggles? Two seconds later, Tater pushed her out of the way and Wiggles slide down the slope head-first...almost landing in the water. There is NEVER a dull moment!)

After this we stopped for some ice cream and then headed home!
The kids are already asking when we are going on our next "mystery trip"!


  1. So happy you got to enjoy a trip together as a family!!! (and happy Miss Wiggles got to join in on the fun). Glad you were able to break Brusier into hotel life. Now...for something convenient to pack to hold those curling irons up away from little hands!! I put my thinking cap on for some ideas.

  2. Next trip - the Rocky Mountains...see you soon!