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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

...its almost summer...almost!

This time of year is a bit crazy...almost as crazy as September is around this house! I guess that just comes with the territory when Mommy's a teacher. This spring this have grown a bit more out of control since both Bruiser and Tater are also in school and Tater is graduating preschool this year! So our next few weeks? INSANE!!!

This is just a glimpse of my "to do" list for the next month:
  • paint 12 flower pots (teacher, aides, etc. gifts!)
  • buy and plant flowers for those 12 flower pots
  • decorate for and orchestrate a mini-graduation party
  • assess 22 students in about 50 different areas...while teaching my normal curriculum!
  • finish 22 report cards with written comments
  • plan an end of the year fun day for my kindergartners (with lots of wonderful parent help!)
  • close up my classroom for the summer...
  • ...and think ahead to September!
  • Get Wiggles EI evaluation done
  • three scheduled doctors' appointments in the next month (Tater, Wiggles, and me)
  • pack Tater to go to Mimi and Papa's for a few weeks
  • go pick Tater up from Mimi and Papa's in a few weeks
  • make arrangements for Tater for summer camps (two in place but looking at one more!)

And here is a glance at my "wish list":
  • build a dining room table and benches
  • put in a patio
  • grow our vegetables

I know! Crazy! So other than the big important posts (you know, graduation and stuff!), I might be a bit absent...or I might be posting all the time to avoid getting my work done!

1 comment:

  1. if you are anything like me you will be posting all the time to avoid like you said! Good luck with all!