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Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Graduation Post!

Here is our preschool graduate!
Wiggles is waiting...kind of patiently!

Outside her playground.

Mimi and Bruiser waiting!


There is our graduate!

Singing a song.

Singing "Take Me Out To The Seashore!"
Love how Tater's sunglasses are on her head like her Mommy!

Looking for us...she couldn't find us and was a bit worried!

Getting her diploma!

We had a little party for the graduates.
Here is the painting that they did...Bruiser REALLY liked it!

Tater's friend, L.

Even the big kids had fun!

Daddy and Wiggles

There was a LOT of jumping!

Smile, Jen!

Cake Time!
Thank you, Mimi and Papa!

It was a fun and busy weekend...and now Tater is spending her vacation with Papa and Mimi. And Mommy and Daddy need a week to recover!
Can't believe we have a preschool graduate!

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