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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Weekend Update - The Sickness Edition!

I've been missing from bloggy world for a bit...we've been busy being sick! Last weekend, Tater started with a temp and a lovely cold. She was feeling so yucky that she actually asked to come home from a church dinner last Saturday night. I missed Sunday's service, where we accepted a new minister...which was disappointing to miss but Mommy duties come first in this world! Anyway, by Monday, Tater's breathing was horrible and we headed off to the doctor to have the doctor announce that she was "wheezing all over the place"...which translates to steroids for a week and breathing treatments. Oh, and no school for two days!

So, by Friday, Tater was back to normal and I was starting to feel a bit under-the-weather. By Saturday, I had a nasty cough and couldn't breath. So, I headed to bed early for a sleepless night. And rest on Sunday? Not in my picture! Daddy ended up with food poisoning on Sunday and left the kids to a sick me! Can someone reassure me that it is okay that they ate pasta for both lunch and dinner on Sunday? Please? It was definitely one of those days that we wished the grandparents lived a bit closer!

But we survived and have lived to talk about it! The kids had a blast playing all day, except for Miss Wiggles, who seemed a bit fussy and clingy all day. And now I know why! But Monday morning she had a lovely temperature of 101.5 and spiked to 102.6 by 6:00pm last night. She slept with me last night and just wanted to cuddle. She is still 101 now - even with Motrin and Tylenol.

So, all in all, this virus and general ickiness has kicked our butts! I'm heading to the couch now to cuddle the little one and sooth my sinus headache. Bruiser is off at school and Tater is hanging out in the kitchen...eating pasta!

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