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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Little Bit Country!

We saw Tim McGraw...really close! I always said the only thing I wanted to do was see him in concert. I had many missed opportunities...Daddy never wanted to go when he was in the area (who knows why!), tickets that slipped through our fingers, etc. Then about two years ago, my co-worker and I bit the bullet, bought the tickets and headed to our first "Timmy" concert! It was outside, very hot, and I was 4 months pregnant with Miss Wiggles. Oh, and Tim? - he was a tiny dot miles away on stage! But it was TIM McGRAW! And I loved it! forward to Sunday night. Papa got AMAZING seats! And there are pictures to prove it! No tiny dot of a man - I could tell that it was really Tim!

And there is proof that I was there!
And as we were leaving, we were stopped by a caravan of flashing lights. From the side of the convention center came two police cars, an SUV with tinted windows, and two more police cars. And what did we see through the tinted windows? The outline of a cowboy hat! Tim had left the building...and we saw it!

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