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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tater Turns Five!

Our baby girl is now five! I can't even begin to figure out where the years have gone...but that's why we live by the saying "long days, short years"! Here are a few glimpses of our precious princess over the years.

Her first birthday party at Build-A-Bear...we were so young!

At the beach!

Taking pictures of butterflies.

Laying in the leaves!

Snacking at Papa's

Building blocks - and eventually she ended up inside the tower!

Baby day old!

Playing in the snow!
Tater was the precious little one that we waited so long to have and then couldn't imagine life without! She worked her way into every one's hearts...especially her Papa's! She has taught us so much - as parents, as people, and as friends. She gives the best cuddles, has the most caring personality, and has a mind that will challenge Mommy and Daddy over the years to come.

Tater is all girl! She loves dance class, crafty things, baking, princesses, fancy things, jewelry, and taking care of her little brother and sister. She is our social butterfly! She is an amazing helper...when she wants to be! She is a love but also loves to challenge her Mommy and Daddy. She tests us every step of the way!

Tater has developed an amazing sense of faith and family. She loves church and God and she loves family time. And, of course, she LOVES Papa!

She has grown way too fast! She has excelled at preschool and will start kindergarten in September. As sad as that makes Mommy and Daddy, she can't wait to go to "Mommy's school" (yes, she will be in the same school that I teach at!). There is no turning back now...she's growing up!
So, Tater, know that you will always be Mommy and Daddy's baby...because you were our first! We love you more than words can describe! Hold on to that amazing enthusiasm and zest for life! Never stop questioning...never stop learning! And never get too big to cuddle with Mommy!

We love you, Birthday Girl!

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