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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Weekend Recap - Winter Weather Edition!

We had a busy weekend planned...some things went as we thought and many things didn't! Isn't that our life?!

Memaw and Pop-Pop were scheduled to arrive Friday night for a long weekend visit but we knew things weren't going to be as planned when their flight was cancelled Friday night due to the monster storm approaching the mid-Atlantic area. So we spent Thursday night and Friday comforting a few sad kiddos - especially since we weren't getting any snow and they couldn't understand why the grandparents weren't coming due to SNOW!

Then Saturday we bundled up against frigid temperatures and headed to Tumble Tots. Daddy even surprised us after with lunch at Friendly's! After a quick nap, we headed to church for a chilly family movie night. The kids really enjoyed watching "Evan Almighty" spite of the lack of heat in the building! We were home in time for bed and for Mommy to venture out to Whole Foods with a girlfriend for some shopping and some adult conversation over hot chocolate and a cookie!

Sunday morning, Tater and I headed out bright and early to meet Na-Na and her husband at the train station. They had flown into Boston the day before from Texas - over the massive snowstorm! We spent the morning at church and going out to lunch with them and then enjoyed a relaxing afternoon of naps and Wii.

Sunday night revolved around the Super Bowl...of course. Then we visited on Monday, until...the flu hit! That's right! But, luckily, it wasn't any of the Sprouts! Na-Na's husband, Nicholas, started feeling bad around dinnertime and was flat-out sick by 10pm. A visit to the walk-in clinic in the morning confirmed the flu! Oh, and it gets better! Their flight was cancelled due to the next approaching storm and they were forbidden to fly until Friday. So they packed up and headed to a hotel to spend a relaxing(?) week.

We never do anything easy here at the House of Sprout!



Someone wanted to wear her hat...inside!

Reading books!

Early birthday celebration with Na-Na and Nicholas

Miss Wiggles standing on the ceiling!

Evidence of the sickness settling in!

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