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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can Anyone Believe She Is Amost Five?!?!

Monday Daddy registered Tater for kindergarten...yes, kindergarten...yes, my baby!

Then, today I had a meeting at school after I was done working and had to bring the girls with me. Miss Wiggles went to the meeting and sat on my lap. Tater went to visit the classroom that will be her kindergarten room. She sat and did centers. She wrote words. She fit right in!

Then we went to Sam's Club for a few necessities. She walked by the cart. She helped me get what we needed. She held the receipt. She acted like a five-year-old!

I get a teary-eyed thinking about how fast she is growing until...

We are driving home and she asks if she can get a new backpack for kindergarten. I, of course, say yes...after all a woman's bag is one of her best accessories! Then she asks for a Hannah Montana backpack and I tell her no because we don't watch Hannah Montana. And her response?

"Moooooom, you are soooooo busted when I tell Daddy!"

And that is my almost five-year-old...the real, true-to-life one!

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