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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

It Was All Worth It!

So Tater turned five this weekend and I have been a bit absent from our blog. You might think we were busy partying away or that we were just have some good quality family time. You'd be wrong on the "party" part and wrong on the "quality" part...but we did spend the weekend together as a family! Let me explain!

On Friday, we headed to Papa and Mimi's to celebrate Tater's big day with family. We didn't get into until after 10:00 pm and the kids headed to bed around midnight. Tater was up bright and early with the excitement over her big day! She woke up and held up her hand of five fingers to show Papa. We started getting ready - cooking food, getting dressed-up, decorating the house. Tater complained a few times that her tummy hurt...I thought maybe she was a bit tired since she had been up so late. By 2:00, when the guests had arrived, Tater had fallen asleep. I let her sleep through the food and went to wake her to open presents and have cake. She sat on my lap for a few minutes and then stood up and threw up all over the floor. My little birthday girl spent her birthday in bed with a yucky tummy bug! Within an hour, Mommy joined her. Then Miss Wiggles christened the car for Daddy while was trying to get away from the germs. And through the night, Daddy succumbed. Only Bruiser escaped with just a few yucky diapers.

And did I mention we were 6 hours away from home? At Papa and Mimi's? With a house full of family? Yeah, lovely!

Since Saturday, the bug has taken down Memaw, who stopped by for the party, Papa, Uncle Jason, and the dog! We're still waiting for the final count! spite of the sickness, Papa and I made it the best concert ever!

Yes, if you can't tell, that's Tim McGraw in the background! We were about ten rows back from the side of the seats ever! At one point he was literally 20 feet away from me! I'll post more when I get the pictures off my camera and Papa feels good enough to send me more of his!
Can you see why it was all worth it? Don't you agree, all of you people that we infected?

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