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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Weekend Recap (Warning! Lots of Pictures!)

We had two (yes, two!) birthday parties on Saturday and lots of things going on at church on Sunday, as well as that random know, Valentine's Day! It was a crazy-busy weekend!

We started off Saturday with a party at the local Audubon Society...and it was awesome! They did a great job and the educational center is amazing and age appropriate for my children. Here is a bit of the party:

They started out talking about tide pools.

And they made their own tide pool.

Tater decided to listen to the story from the cubbies at one end of the room.

Then they moved like the animals in the tide pool. Tater was a sea star...

Then we went into the exhibits to do a scavenger hunt.
This is the actual tide pool in the exhibit room.

Don't you love the clipboards?

This little cave has domes that allow the children to look outside.

The inside of a large whale sculpture.

And there is the whale!

Then they got to touch and hold some of the critters.
Tater was a bit hesitant!

A sea star.

Holding a snail.

Then, after a quick stop at home, we headed out to party #2 at the bowling alley. A different location but still a great party. Tater loves to bowl and had a blast!

Love the action shot!
Could care less where the ball ends up!

Then today we had a later church service and a congregational meeting. Since the time went so late into the afternoon, we headed out for lunch and to get Daddy's hair cut. When we got home the neighborhood kids were playing outside and Tater and Bruiser couldn't wait to join in! Bruiser especially liked running with the "big boys" and being included in their games!

He was out for as little as five minutes before his knees were muddy!
I can't wait for the spring thaw and the mess that will bring with my boy!

He tried to push the sled through the bit of snow we had!

After he gave up on the sled, he found a boogie board and ran after the "big boys"!
Resourceful...even if it was the wrong season!
I'm sure we will have more to share tomorrow! It's winter vacation week for me and the kids and Daddy has tomorrow off for Presidents' Day. Tater and I can't wait to take the others to the Audubon Society tomorrow! It's always exciting to find hidden treasures so close to home!

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  1. I like that Tater had an outfit change for the second birthday party!