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Monday, February 15, 2010

Daddy Day!

Since Daddy had the day off with the rest of us today, we spent it out and about! Tater couldn't wait to take everyone to the Audubon Society so we headed there first. Tater and Bruiser had a great time making a cute craft and then we headed into the exhibits. Bruiser had a blast seeing the animals and looking for snakes "SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS" and "fishes"!

They loved seeing the live pheasant outside the one exhibit.

Miss Wiggles was all smiles because Daddy let her keep her Nuk!

And Tater loved carrying around the clipboard and doing the scavenger hunt!
We can't wait to go back for all the special activities and the story times. We bought a family membership and are looking forward to the warmer weather and the fabulous walking trails!
After our exciting tour, we headed to IKEA! We shopped for a few little things and one large purchase! Daddy and I finally broke down and bought a real bed frame - not a yard sale find or a hand-me-down from family! We feel so grown-up and frivolous! Now, let's hope I don't fall out of the bed's so HIGH!!!
And, on a special note, keep Bruiser (and Mama) in your prayers tomorrow! He has his very first dentist appointment and I'm not expecting it to go well. I mean, what child with sensory issues is going to respond well to someone in his face and in his mouth? And I still haven't figured out how I got stuck with this task...the dentist is Daddy's area!
So, tune in tomorrow for a play-by-play of the big event!

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