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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What I Learned This Week

Within the past few months, our church has begun the long road of starting small groups. I am a part of the pilot group and am currently leading a group devoted to parenting. We began our group by reading Gary Chapman's book, The Five Love Languages of Children. We've gotten off to a slow start due to illnesses and schedule conflicts, but I think we are finally getting back on track...just in time for the holidays! LOL!

Anyway, I was nervous about starting this group. I am a teacher and I love "leading" a group of 5-year-olds. But a group of adults? About a topic I am no expert on? That was a bit out of my comfort zone! Luckily the wonderful people who joined the group are also wonderful friends who are going through all the same trials and tribulations that I am going through!

We spent this past Sunday discussing the first two chapters of the book. The first chapter talked a great deal about unconditional love and filling your child's love tank. And this is what I learned:

Every weekend we try so hard to accomplish so many errands and tackle so many projects. Then we spent the time wondering why the kids are so off-the-wall crazy! One of the women in the group mentioned that they child would act up whenever they needed a bit more Mommy or Daddy time, and it all clicked for me! Obviously the kids are trying to tell us to stop and enjoy time with them! So this next's all about family!

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