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Monday, November 2, 2009

A Mommy Day...Much Deserved!

So, in spite of Tater's H1N1 status, I managed to get in a much-deserved Mommy Day! What started out as an annual trip to a local tag sale, turned into a full day of shopping with lots of exciting venues!

A good friend and I left the house at 7:00am (I know, crazy!) so we could hit Starbucks before the tag sale. The best part of the tag sale? You get to pay $5 and get in an hour earlier than the regular shoppers...well worth the five dollars!

I found some good bargains and some cute outfits. We decided the price had gone up a bit from previous years, but you still can't beat the deals!

I came away with several wooden Melissa and Doug puzzles for $2 a piece. Here is where this one has been since it came in the door!
Here's a great NOISY one! Obviously, I wasn't thinking clearly at 8:00am!

This was my best find - and I left many jealous Mommy's behind...isn't it too cute?

Anther bargain...$20 for a box of Fisher Price Rescue Heroes...Bruiser is thrilled!

We left the sale and panicked because we thought it was 10:00...who spends 2 hours in a tag sale! Then we realized that the clock in the car did not reflect the time change! So we headed off to...

...and arrived 10 minutes before it opened. When the ropes opened, we headed through the children's section and down to the Marketplace. I could spend a small fortune at that place! Here are a few of mine finds...

The best storage containers EVER! Wheels, plastic and lids! Oh, and they stack!

I was thrilled to buy an art light for my entry way...makes me feel fancy! Daddy saw and asked how that was going to work...didn't you have to plug it in? I gently reminded him that he had just put an outlet in my entry way...perfect!

I added these blue cube boxes to my IKEA shelf that I already owned for a punch of color!
Then we took a detour to a fancy mall and visited some much-drooled-over stores. Few purchases were made but we had fun "window shopping"!

If only I could outfit my kids in these clothes! I settle for hand-me-downs and tag sale finds...and I have found these hidden treasures! In fact my friend walked out of today's tag sale with two set of Hanna jammies!

All I can say is...WOW! And then when we were leaving, we witnessed 10 10-year-olds climb out of a stretch limo for a party at the store! Unbelievable!
We ended the day by full-filling a life long dream and visiting this store...

...and I felt like I had died and gone to heaven! But my only purchase is below...and I do love it!

When we got home, I borrowed my friend's wagon to pull my purchases to my doorstep...I wish I had gotten pictures! What a sight!
Thank you Daddy for letting me have a great day and for dealing with the trials of our little ones! I think we should make this a weekly event!

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